Our Sweet Life

Welcome to my first blog post!  I have been wanting to start a blog as soon as we started this chapter of our lives. It’s taken me awhile to begin because I couldn’t think of a good title then didn’t have the time, then got in an area we didn’t have good Internet service. The excuses could go on and on, but today I decided this was something I wanted and needed in my life as a way of documenting our lives and staying in touch with people who might be curious what we are up to! I will try to quickly catch you up where we are now and fill in gaps with other posts.

So my name is Brittny Smith. I am a wife to my amazing husband of 9-1/2 years. We have been through a lot which includes living in San Diego, CA for 4 years while he was in the Navy. Giving birth to both of our boys out there then deciding to get out of the military and move back to Pittsburgh, PA where both our families are from. After a couple of years trying different things, an opportunity fell on my husband’s lap to work in the gas and oil field being an inspector on the pipelines that were being put in our area. I was currently working but with this opportunity I was finally able to stay at home with my boys which I wanted to do since I held them both in my arms for the first time.

Unfortunately this is an industry that you work when work is happening. It does come with layoffs. But my husband learned quickly that if you are willing to travel then you will keep working. We were lucky enough to stay in Pittsburgh for about a year but then hit our first layoff. That’s when my amazing husband started his real work to find another job. We thought we would be in New York so took a few week vacation down in Florida. That job fell through which took my husband to work in North Dakota for a summer. The boys and I eventually made the trip to be with him then we left there to finally make it to New York. That job was supposed to last a couple of years so we signed a year lease in a nice small town of Vestal. We were very lucky there to meet some amazing people. Permits never came through so that job was cut short but with my son still in Kindergarten, we wanted him to finish before we moved on. That took my husband to Connecticut to work though. During that time apart, we came to the conclusion if he wanted to stay in this industry, we were really going to have to be wiling and able to travel.

The conversation of living in a camper begun. There were many factors we had to consider. Would there be enough space for all of us? What about school? Could I really homeschool the boys? What do we do with all our stuff? The first question was answered when we finally went to see 5th wheels in person. (I’ll share our 5th wheel in another post.) It took me a month or so to wrap my brain around homeschooling but with my teaching background I knew I would be able to do it. That was pretty much it for me. I knew we were a family that wanted and needed to be together so we took the leap and bought a 5th wheel! That began our traveling lives and where we are today.

I hope you check back frequently as I document where we’ve been and where we go in the future. We’ve been traveling since June so I have some catching up to do. Thanks for reading my first blog! Have a blessed day/night.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Smith says:

    You are the glue that holds us together. I love you to the moon and back!


    1. Thanks hubby. Love you too!!


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