Our Home on Wheels

I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would be living in a home that could be moved wherever we wanted. But here we are living in a 5th wheel camper that connects to my husbands truck that he pulls.

You might be wondering what is a 5th wheel camper anyways? Google search gave me this answer: Fifth WheelsFifth wheel Trailers, 5th Wheel Campers: Designed to be affixed and towed by a pickup equipped with special hitch in the truck bed, these two-level units can provide the greatest living of all towable RVs. 5th Wheel travel trailers come equipped with all the comforts of home.

We knew when we started this process of buying one, we needed a few things for this to work for our family. We needed room for our 2 boys, their clothes and all their stuff. That’s when we started looking at bunkhouses and bunk rooms. We are a family who love to spend time together watching movies and playing board games. So we wanted a nice living space. I was looking for a kitchen with a nice sized fridge and appliances so I could cook and bake with no problems. Finally we were concerned with storage.

Hubby did most of the research online, looking at different brands and styles. When he narrowed down what we wanted, he first went to see them. He talked about this front living but kept saying he feels selfish with the boys if we get that. Finally we found time for all of us to see the many different styles. It made complete sense about the front living when I saw them. Here’s pictures of what I mean.

Lots of living space and nice kitchen, but absolutely no room for the boys and all their stuff. The boys would have to sleep on the pull out couches and I know for me that would start getting very annoying putting their beds away each morning. Then what would we do for bedtime and Dave and I want to watch TV before we go to bed. Hence why we made the tough decision to take this style off the list for our family.

We narrowed it down to a bunkhouse and bunk room. The bunkhouse gives the boys their own room in the back with beds, couch, storage and TV. The bunk room is to the side of the kitchen with bed, couch, storage, desk and TV. The problem I saw with the bunk room for us was just not enough space and same issue with pulling out the bed and making it each morning. So we chose the bunkhouse style. We liked the Montana brand after my husband did more research. Their style came with 3 bunk beds which we didn’t need so we decided we would take one out to give it more room and the option to build a desk and shelves.

After a weekend away to go buy it, we had invested in our very first 5th wheel! Dave had a coworker who was willing to go pick it up and deliver it to Connecticut where he was working. Now came the fun part of figuring out what to bring with us, put in storage and give away. That took about a month and a few trips back and forth to Connecticut to see what fit. We had a garage sale, gave stuff to charity then packed up a large PODS container. Now we were finally ready to full-time live in our home!

So there’s our house!!! We’ve had it for 6 months now so have definitely made it our own. It works perfectly for our family and what we need it for at the moment. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day/night.


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