Williamsport, PA

Our next stop, we added another new to our adventure. This was the first time that Dave was pulling the camper himself. We finally bought a hitch in order to do this. We decided to drive through the night to arrive at the campground in the morning so we could avoid D.C. traffic and accidents with less drivers on the road. It was a very nerve-racking experience but we made it safely!

Once we were pulled in to our spot and set up we got to experience all this campground and area had to offer. We stayed at Happy Acres Resort in Waterville, PA. It was about 30 miles northwest of Williamsport, PA. It was surrounded by a state park. It was a nice area and campground except for the lack of cell and Internet service.

The boys immediately enjoyed having a friend to play with. After we got all settled in, we met the family who parks permanently there. They have a boy who is also 5 so the 3 of them instantly became friends. We enjoyed their company for a few days before they had to go back to start the new school year.

Summer was coming to a close so we took advantage of the pool and outside play as much as we could. This campground provided nice fire-pits as well so many nights were spent by the fire, making s’mores!

This was a nice place even though we felt very out of touch since our phones didn’t work well. While we were there, the Little League world series was going on. We took the boys twice so check back for another post about that adventure! We also started homeschool which I will write about in a different post. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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