Little League World Series (First time)

The weekend we came in to town just happened to be the start of the Little League World Series! We are a big sports family so we knew we would take the boys to at least 1 game. My dad had taken my brothers when they were younger and they still talk today about how much fun it was meeting other kids and sliding down the hill! We wanted to give this memory to the boys.

We found a weekend game, got some boxes and off we went. Being the first weekend of the series, it was pretty busy. We had to park and take a bus to the stadium but the boys didn’t mind. Cameron was SO excited since it was his “first bus ride” as he kept saying.20160820_193403

Once inside, we walked around then eventually found our way to the hill! The boys immediately wanted to slide down. The nice thing was that all types of cardboard were lying around so the boys donated their boxes to the hill and found a flat one they could use. They absolutely loved sliding down and did this for a while. Eventually we dragged them away to do some shopping then watch a little of the game.

We moved into the stands to watch more of the game, let the boys slide in the dark then headed out after the game was over. Our first game was a lot of fun so we made it to one more before it was over!

Thanks for reading. Next up will be our second trip to the LLWS. Have a blessed day/night.


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