Homeschooling Writing Week 14

Sonlight Curriculum

Today the boys created stories that I wanted to share.

The short stories D.J. is reading this week has bugs that are human-like. His writing assignment was to use personification to create a story about an animal. Here’s what he came up with.

A dinosaur walks down the street. He sees a pet store and wants a pet dog. He goes inside and asks, “What type of dog is this?” “It’s a Bernese mountain dog,” the man replies. The dinosaur pays $1 for the dog. He names the dog Rudy. They go home and play. They become best friends forever!

Cameron was given a picture and had to use his imagination to write a story about it. The picture features 2 kids in the woods examining a tree that is missing part of it but is still standing up. Here’s his story.

The boy teenager and girl kid are outside playing catch with their dog. They started blowing bubbles when the dog jumped too high and the leash and collar fell off. The dog ran away into the forest. The kids ran into the forest. They lost track of the dog. While searching for the dog, they found a tree chopped off and it’s still holding up. The boy hears chopping of trees. They both hear a huge growl! The kids ran towards the growl. They find a big, white bear holding the dog. The dog was growling at the bear. The dog bites the bear and the bear drops him then runs away. The kids bring the dog home and play catch again. The kids tell their family about their adventure at dinner.


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