Homeschooling Program

I’m calling this homeschooling Sunday. Anytime I write about our homeschooling experience, I will most likely post on Sundays for you to read.

In this post I will explain what program I chose and why. It took me some time to wrap my mind around whether or not I could or would want to homeschool the boys. For those who don’t know I actually have a degree in elementary, early childhood and special education. I used my degree before the boys were born. I enjoyed teaching second and third grade but that came with lots of stress with standards, testing and dealing with parents! I had to remind myself that none of that would be happening when I homeschool. The other thing that is different from most homeschooling kids is that we don’t have a home base to worry about the state standards. I was free to pick a curriculum that fit what Dave and I wanted the boys to learn. After doing a little research seeing how moms like me travel and homeschool, I knew I would be able to do this! My biggest concern was whether the boys would actually take me seriously as a teacher and not “mom”. That’s when I relied on my teaching background. I knew once we got through the first couple weeks and set the routines, we would be fine.

Back to research and finding what curriculum fit my style of teaching as well as what would work with our situation and the boys. Unfortunately, we have been in areas where the Internet is not good. There are so many amazing online programs I would have loved for the boys to participate in but that just wasn’t going to work for us. Back to the research.

I found Cathy Duffy’s website where she reviews homeschooling curriculum. She also has a book called 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. I was able to use her site to help me decide. I knew I wanted an all in one program that would provide me with everything I needed to teach the curriculum. I didn’t want to have to go to the store and buy supplies or to the library to get the books needed. Reading about each program that fit my needs I decided to go with Sonlight. It was one of the 102 top homeschool curriculum and it had everything I was looking for in a program. I also liked they had a one-year money-back guarantee in case it wasn’t a good fit for us.

Now to figure out what to order and I was set to go. I spoke to a representative and they helped me figure out that I needed reading, writing and math separate for each child but could buy science and social studies together. It was a bit pricey but when I look at everything that was included, I think it was well worth it. I will also be able to reuse the first grade curriculum next year so will save a little money.

We are in week 14 while I’m writing this and have been very happy with the program so far. Now this program might not be for everyone because we read from the bible each day as apart of our social studies. I personally love that I can expose my kids to more about God. The boys and I have had many amazing discussions about God and continue to grow as Christians. This program also has a lot of reading involved by you and the children. This is actually another reason I love it. I am such a book-worm and hope my children will be the same. The boys have enjoyed all of the read-alouds we have done so far including; Winnie the Pooh, My Father’s Dragon, The Boxcar Children to name a few.

Cameron is quickly picking up on reading after just 5 weeks of having short stories to read. We love seeing him trying to sound out words with letters he hasn’t even learned yet. D.J. is increasing his vocabulary as well. Handwriting is a little bit of an issue with D.J. but we are working on that. The science lessons and experiments have been a lot of fun for the boys too. I am very happy that I  chose this program.

I will continue to update how our homeschooling year is going so check back. Thank you for reading. If you are reading this today, I hope you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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