Weight Watchers Wednesday

Today I want to talk about my weight loss journey. I was a bigger child until I hit high school when I really started paying attention to what I was eating. I loved desserts, chips and dip, anything chocolate and peanut butter. All things that aren’t healthy. We were a busy family of 6 so didn’t have many home cooked meals. A lot of nights were out to eat after running from one event to another. Since I was always playing a sport, I had the working out aspect but just needed to align my eating habits. It had become a part of my routine that when I stopped playing sports after college, I continued to workout and eat healthy. It wasn’t until I got married and we moved to San Diego when I really started putting on weight. I think we definitely enjoyed being newlyweds, in a new town, eating out, and partying a little too much! We discovered that my husband loved appetizers and I loved dessert. Worst thing is we would order both which was not a good idea. I felt like I was going back to my old way of eating and not working out was not helping at all.

My sister moved out to San Diego shortly after us and we all decided to start the weight watcher journey together. She had done it to lose weight for my wedding and had amazing results. She was able to guide my husband and I when we began the program. We started working out together and I wish I could remember how much we lost but I know we all had great success.

At this time my husband and I were also wanting to start our family. We were having some issues getting pregnant so I stuck to the program and workout routine until I finally found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I took full advantage of being pregnant. I wish I would have considered what I was doing but I wanted to enjoy being able to eat whatever I wanted and not feel bad about it. I gained 50 lbs with this pregnancy! My son was born and I attempted to being to lose weight when 6 months later we found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child! Now I knew this time I wasn’t going to go crazy and eat whatever I wanted. I was going to include more fruits and vegetables and be WAY more aware of what was going in my body. I think I only gained 30 lbs with him and 10 lbs ended up being him!!

Just a month after his birth, my husband got out of the Navy and we moved back to Pittsburgh where our families were. I went to work and eventually was able to start losing weight. My husband and I had some awesome results with Insanity but that’s a program you can’t really stick with since it’s SO intense. We were definitely burned out after. I discovered T25 and eventually more from Beachbody but I was just having a hard time making my weight loss stick. I was on a vicious cycle of losing than gaining it back, losing than gaining it back.

Fast forward a couple of years to now when I was the biggest I have ever been at 190 lbs. I was miserable and knew I had to do something before it got completely out of control. My sister was doing weight watchers after her first baby was born and having amazing results again. One of my best friends from San Diego was on weight watchers also having great results. I started thinking this might just be what I needed. I decided to give it a try and signed up for the online program in September knowing I wouldn’t have the time to go to meetings.

My sister was a BIG help since we were in one of those campgrounds we had terrible service. I started tracking everything I ate and really started getting back in control of myself. I also committed myself to working out everyday. I started T25 since I needed low impact in the 5th wheel. I completed that 2 month program and started Piyo, also perfect for working out in our 5th wheel. I will complete Piyo next week and start another program in the new year.

I have definitely had some hiccups like when we went to Hershey for the weekend and gained almost 4 lbs. Or when we traveled to our current location in Florida which also happened to be my husband’s birthday weekend and I gained back 4 lbs. Being on weight watchers though has brought me back to paying attention to what I am eating and doing with my body.

Currently I am down 20 lbs and couldn’t be happier! I would like to lose another 20 lbs. and the dreaded muffin top! I will continue to update you on my weight loss journey. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day/night.

*I am not endorsed by Beachbody or Weight Watchers. This is just my story that I hope to inspire anyone else struggling with their weight.*


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