Hershey, PA

Dave loves to go check out campers whenever he has the chance. He likes to know what is out there in case we ever need to change from our Montana. He discovered a HUGE RV show that was going to be held in Hershey, PA. It would only be a 2 hour drive from where we were in Williamsport, PA. We decided to make it a weekend away since we could take the boys to Hersheypark.

He took care of all the accommodations. We stayed at the Hershey Lodge since they had shuttles to the show and park along with an indoor pool. We arrived Friday night, grabbed some dinner then decided to check out the pool. I actually didn’t take any pictures as we all decided to enjoy the pool. It ended up being like a mini water park. It was a lot of fun.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast then spent the day at the RV show. The boys were troopers but the show did a smart thing for the kids. They created a scavenger hunt to find Camping World booths that would stamp their map. After finding all the booths, they received a ticket to spin a wheel for a prize. I think that was the only thing that kept the boys going on the hot, long day!

That night we went back to the pool. Here’s some pictures of the boys having fun!

Our last day we got up early again, ate breakfast then off we went to Hersheypark! We are lucky that the boys love roller coasters and are tall enough now to ride a lot of fun ones. We’ve moved up from the kiddie rides! We did have some rides D.J. could do that Cameron couldn’t due to being just slightly taller. That was a lot of fun to deal with but we just allowed Cameron to pick the next ride which seemed to cheer him up.

Last part of our day was going to Chocolate World. Who doesn’t love chocolate and want to see the Hershey Factory?! We did the free chocolate tour which takes you through Hershey’s process of going from cocoa beans to their famous chocolate. It’s neat cause you see, feel, hear and smell the whole transformation through the ride. The boys enjoyed that especially the end when you get a free Hershey sample at the end!

Finally, the day ended with a trip to the food factory for some dessert! We all LOVE dessert and I love cupcakes in particular. I had researched their bakery and they had some amazing desserts I was just DYING to try out. Unfortunately by the time we got there a lot of their cupcakes were already gone but I did find a peanut butter one Cameron and I could try. Dave and D.J. love anything Oreo so we got 2 cupcakes with some milk. Dave and D.J. are also HUGE milkshakes fan so they got milkshakes as well. It was well worth all the calories!

Reese’s NutRageous and Hershey Cookies’n’Creme cupcake

We allowed the boys to pick one thing from the store and our trip to Hershey was complete! Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night!


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