Visits with Friends

The last part of our time in Williamsport, PA was being close enough to visit one of our closest friends from our time in New York. Cameron instantly became best friends with a girl he met at the playground once D.J. started Kindergarten. Her mom and I clicked and became close friends as well. We were lucky enough being in Williamsport that we were able to meet up twice during our time there.

The first trip was to the Corning Museum of Glass. I actually wanted to go during our time in New York but never made it so I was happy to make this trip. It was definitely neat to see all the displays made from glass. We enjoyed watching some of the live glass making. The boys learned a little about breaking different types of glass which was like a science lesson for them! There really wasn’t much for kids but they did enjoy walking around and hanging together.

This trip ended with lunch at a pizza shop in Corning to celebrate Molly’s birthday. We all had a great day!

The second and last visit was to the Science Center in Ithaca, NY. Dave and I had taken the boys there over a weekend and they loved playing around so I knew these 4 would have a lot more fun during this visit together. We planned to eat lunch once we both got there then off they went to explore. It was a beautiful day outside so we spent a lot of time on their playground.

It was another amazing trip but also a sad one since we knew it would be our last for who knows how long. We were preparing to leave for Pennsylvania to the next job. I’m so glad we were given the opportunity to meet up twice though. We always have Skype to stay connected! Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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