WW Wed. Inspiration

I will admit right now that I am not a good cook! I do not claim to know what I’m doing in the kitchen. I cannot take what’s in my fridge and pantry and create a recipe from scratch. I never learned how to cook from my mom.  But what I can do is follow a recipe to make an incredible meal!! Internet to the rescue.

When I started weight watchers I was making simple meals for dinner like hamburgers, chicken salads, meatloaf. These were all things I remember making from my first time on weight watchers. The problem was I had limited ideas and didn’t want my family to get bored from the same stuff over and over again. I am a person who isn’t afraid to try something new though.

My friend from San Diego, who was also on weight watchers, told me about this blog she loves to follow called Drizzle Me Skinny. She told me her recipes look amazing and are weight watcher friendly. I checked her out and fell in love with what I saw. They were simple enough that even I could figure out how to make them. She not only had dinner recipes but also desserts, muffins, donuts, cupcakes; all dear to my heart! The recipes also include the weight watcher points so even less work for me. I have made a bunch of her recipes and haven’t tried one I haven’t liked. I would HIGHLY recommend trying them out.

A Facebook friend, also on weight watchers, has a page where she posts her food which has given me some amazing ideas and motivation to stick with it. Her page is called Weight Watchers Mom and you can like it by clicking on the link. She gets a bunch of recipes from a few blogs that I have also started following and wanted to share one.

The best I have found is Skinnytaste. This blog also features many different recipes with smartpoints. Hers can be a little more complex but all I have tried have been delicious! She also just released a cookbook, Skinnytaste fast and slow. I have yet to try any as I just got it over Christmas but I plan to. You have to find the weight watcher points online though. I took some time and just wrote the points in the book one night so I wouldn’t have to go online to find them.

The last place I find inspiration is Instagram and Pinterest. There are many people out there on the plan with some amazing ideas. Over Christmas I wanted to keep our cookies healthy and just did some searching and found lots of recipes that turned out very good. I hope one day that I can create some inspiration for others with some of my own recipes!

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day/night!

*These are just my opinions on what my family and I have tried and liked. I wanted to share for anyone looking for ideas.


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