The Move to Charleroi, PA

I grew up in Washington, PA. My whole family still lives around there. Hubby got a call to work close to there so we took the opportunity knowing it wouldn’t be long but nice to be around family. I was planning on coming home for my niece’s first birthday but instead the timing all worked out that we would be moving earlier that week. This drive was nice and easy since it was only 6 hours. We decided to move during the day since we knew the area pretty well. We also made the drive not too long ago for a baby shower so knew it was all highways.

A worker friend of my husbands told him about Pine Cove RV Resort they stayed in over the summer and said it was great. They mentioned the amazing pool that unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of since we were coming in October. It was going to be like 5 minutes from hubby’s work and they had open spots. It turned out to be a nice and quiet campground that the boys enjoyed having a yard to play in.

That night after setting up, we had fun surprising my family at my mom’s house with our arrival! We snuckĀ around their back, knocked on the door then hid. We could see my mom looking scared and confused out the windows. Eventually my brother came to the door and we jumped out to surprise them! Boy did we surprise them since they thought we were moving to Maryland I had told them earlier in the week. Everyone was happy to see each other.

Stay tuned to see more about our adventures in Charleroi, PA. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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