Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Fest

The weekend we were in for the baby shower, we were supposed to go to Pittsburgh Penguins fan fest with my sister. Unfortunately they rescheduled it and at the time we weren’t sure when. Once we found out we were going to be in town, we were all very happy.

Being a native Pittsburgher, we are just bred to be Pittsburgh sports fans. I have loved the Steelers and Pirates since I was little. I didn’t really become a Penguin fanatic until college when my sister and I started going to games a lot. The boys have taken on our love of sports especially Pittsburgh teams! After winning the Stanley Cup, I knew we had to try to attend the fan fest.

There was a lot of waiting when we finally got in but it was worth it. They gave everyone a scratch off ticket to win a prize. We all won a Penguin autograph. It was all random so we weren’t sure who was going to be in our session. After waiting in that line, we waited in seats until it was our time for the signing. At least they had some Penguins on the stage showing their cooking skills to keep us entertained. Plus we always had selfies!

It was finally our turn and our players were Eric Fehr and Chris Kunitz. It was cool to meet them, get an autograph, congratulate them and wish them luck this year.

After, we walked down to the ice as the boys wanted to play deck hockey. On our way we found pictures we just had to stop to get pictures with!

While the boys waited in line to play, they had more players on the stage playing a game. Near us was Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury. That was entertaining while we waited. The boys loved seeing their favorite player, Sidney Crosby, so close too!

The boys finally got to play and they had Ian Cole playing with the kids. The helmets were a bit too big but the boys had a blast. What an experience they had and I think started D.J.’s dream to be a hockey player.

The boys wanted to complete the mock combine next. This took forever but they had fun doing it.

We got a few more pictures and the morning was over.

What a fun day and so glad my sister took care of all the arrangements with tickets and dates. The boys will never forget this day! Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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