Homeschooling Begins

We started homeschooling September 6, 2016 while we were still in Williamsport, PA. Please read more about the Sonlight program I chose and why here. D.J. was starting first grade and Cameron Kindergarten.

The boys would be doing social studies and science together. Since this was our first year, I knew trying to figure out the schedule would be the toughest part. I decided to try to break up the individual and group lessons from morning to afternoon. We started our day with social studies since there’s a lot of reading involved and figured this was the best time for the boys to stay focused. Next, would be their individual reading lessons while the other had a snack with some independent work. After lunch and free time, we would do science then finish the day with their individual math lessons.

It took some time to get in to the flow of our schedule but the boys have gotten used to it and have done great. They know what to expect for the day which seems to help us get through some of the tougher, time-consuming lessons. Here are some highlights from our first couple weeks of school.

Thanks for reading and leave any comments you might have about our homeschooling experience. I will be happy to answer any questions. Stay tuned as I update more about our homeschooling life! Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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