Simmons Farm Trip

Who doesn’t love fall and all the fun activities you can do?! I’ve always been a fan of going to a local farm and picking pumpkins. There are two farms where I grew up that have activities set up for the kids as well. I have always picked Simmons Farm over the other since you get a hay ride down to the farm, all the activities for the kids and a pumpkin you pick for just one price. The other farm you have to pay individual for all those things which can get a bit expensive. So my sister and I planned a Saturday to go and off we went!

This was Kayleigh’s first time so we had fun showing her around. This particular day happened to be warm which made it a bit crowded but once we were on the farm we didn’t notice much. The boys loved all the activities which included a tire roll, a small corn maze, a giant slide and a hay maze kids have to crawl through.

Of course the boys needed a drink after all the fun. Mom fail as I didn’t bring their water bottles like I usually do. My sister was kind enough to wait in line while we went to check out the big corn maze the boys were dying to try. Little did we know this one had dead ends and wrong turns that would take us some time to complete. Or that it would be muddy from raining the day before that we would actually get stuck in part of it. Like literally was pulling Cameron’s foot out of the mud cause he got stuck!!  We did have a good laugh about that though.

The neat thing was they had fruit in each intersection so we knew we were on the right path. The problem was we had no clue how many stops there would be. I did love how the boys never wanted to give up though. They had to find the next fruit to get a picture with until the end. This was something they started that we were going to complete! It was a cool experience to say we were able to figure out together even though we were hot and tired by the end.

Since we were so hot and tired after the corn maze, I forgot to even get pictures of the pumpkins they picked out. We just wanted to get our pumpkins and head home to relax!! It was a fun-filled day that I will continue to do with the boys until they tell me no. And even then I might force them to go since I love this tradition! Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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