Boys Activities

I loved being apart of activities growing up and knew I wanted to give those opportunities to my kids when they were old enough. While we were in NY we found lots of things for the boys to do. They participated in soccer, basketball, baseball and karate. The boys have always been active kids and we have always been a family to want them to be in something. We have been slacking since starting this journey though. It was summer and then we weren’t in areas long enough to invest our time or money. Once we were in Charleroi, PA I decided to just find one activity that each boy wanted to do and hope we’d be there to finish it.

D.J. has been asking and asking to play ice hockey. The problem is that you need to know how to ice skate. I am not a skater. You will find me hanging on the wall trying not to fall! We took the boys skating once and D.J. loved it. With Dave’s work schedule we just don’t have the time to free skate and let D.J. learn on his own. I found an ice rink that has lessons for kids to learn. We signed him up for 8 sessions through Southpointe Iceoplex.

The first session they started in their skates learning how to stand, balance and fall correctly before going on the ice. I thought that was a very smart way to start. Once they got on the ice they practiced standing, balancing and falling correctly. They began by “walking” on the ice. They eventually got cones to practice skating with. He did pretty good for his first lesson.

Like I said we really aren’t in an area very long and the main reason I haven’t signed the boys up for anything. D.J. only got 2 out of his 8 sessions done before we moved. But he progressed some more actually skating by the end of the 2nd session.20161109_181646

Cameron was not interested in skating at all. The first time we took them skating, he hated it. He literally was carried off the ice by Dave since he felt so uncomfortable on the ice and refused to try! He must take after his momma!! He fell in love with soccer while in NY, so I found him a program through Southpointe. This would be indoors teaching him more of the skills for soccer. He also only got 2 of his 6 sessions in before we left. He enjoyed it though and it was a good skill refresher from NY. The fun part for his last session was I got to bring his cousins Aurora and Uriah with us to watch. They LOVED watching Cameron play but also getting to play with D.J.!

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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