Family Time

The nice thing with us being in Charleroi, PA was that we were close to my family. We were 30 mins from my parents house and maybe 45 to my sisters. I tried to take advantage of spending as much time with our family as we could. Here’s some of the things we did.

We got to celebrate my Mom’s 70th birthday! We took her out to Eat’n Park on her birthday then got together over the weekend to celebrate more with a Halloween themed party. She wasn’t going to be in town to see all her grandchildren in their costumes so this was a way of letting her see them in costume.

We got to spend time with cousins!

Finally, one last dinner together the night before we left. Where else do we go but Buffalo Wild Wings!

It was definitely tough to say goodbye but I cherish this time we had with our family. Who knows the next time we will be working around that area but hopefully we will have a chance again this year. Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day/night.



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