WW Donuts

Welcome to another version of Weight Watchers Wednesday! I love this plan because you can still eat what you want. You have to be careful with some things or you literally won’t be eating anything else that day! Donuts are one of my favorite things. They are unfortunately very high in sugar which makes them high in points. My family LOVES donuts too which makes it hard when the boys want to pick up donuts for breakfast.

I mentioned the blog Drizzle Me Skinny before. She has many ideas which included WW friendly donuts. I finally ordered the pans that would fit in our camper oven and was ready to try some out.

Of course I had to try the Butterfinger Donuts first with Cameron and my love for peanut butter! I don’t know why but I didn’t get any pictures of these delicious creations. Maybe we ate them too fast! Next on the list was something Dave and D.J. would love with Oreos.

This recipe actually came from her app you can download through Google play store and iTunes. These were also delicious and didn’t last long in the house since they were mini. I even got D.J. to help me in the kitchen which doesn’t happen often!

If you haven’t checked her blog out or tried any of her recipes, I highly suggest it. They are SUPER¬†simple to follow that even I can make some delicious recipes! She calculates all the points too which saves me time. If you try any of her recipes please comment and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night.

I am not affiliated with Weight Watchers or Drizzle Me Skinny at all. These are just my opinions that I want to share for anyone interested in my journey.


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