Pen Pal Fun!

There are some pipeline Facebook groups I am apart of. A fellow mom said her daughter had become interested in pen paling with kids on the same adventure as her. They decided to start a private group for us moms to find kids they could write to. I thought this was a great idea for the boys to find other kids who might also travel and homeschool like them. I joined, posted a picture, started talking with some moms and found a boy to start writing to. The boys were so excited as soon as I explained what we were going to start and a little about the boy.

I wanted the boys to have some focus in their writing so Monday last week we brainstormed what we wanted the boy to know about themselves and a question they had for him to answer in his letter. We added this to our reading lessons for each day.

Tuesday we worked on making a rough draft of the letter. I taught them how a letter looks with a greeting, body and signature. This was a great introduction that wasn’t even planned in our reading curriculum.

Wednesday the boys started writing their letters. Thursday we didn’t have school so Friday they finished the letters and got another lesson about addressing an envelope. We walked it to the post office that’s apart of our campground and off our letters went to our new friend!

The boys are patiently waiting for his letter to arrive and can’t wait to learn more about him. They are already planning what they want to tell him in their next letter. I am so happy this mom and daughter created this idea. Writing is definitely a struggle for D.J. and I hope this will be a fun activity he can grow his writing skills!


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