Move to Florida

Dave got the call for a job down near Orlando, FL that we just were dying to be apart of. Not only was the work for a long project but we’d be in Florida for winter! The guy who helped Dave get the job recommended the campground he was renting in called Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort. After doing our research and talking with a rep, we booked a spot. We packed up and off we went!

We planned to take two days to make the trip from Charleroi, PA to Clermont, FL. A normal trip driving would take about 15 hours, but it takes us a lot longer when pulling the camper. We didn’t want to rush or push ourselves too much since we weren’t in a hurry.

This time Dave and I discovered an app called myPilot that you can put in your trip and plan your stops. When pulling the camper we need to do that cause we can’t just stop at any gas station. We like truck stops with diesel that we know the camper can fit in. We can drive about two hours before we need to stop to fill up Dave’s truck. This app was a life saver this time to plan our next stop while on the road.

We drove about 12 hours the first day as we needed to be in the new campground before 5 pm and we didn’t want to have to try to park and set-up in the dark. We found a truck stop a little after midnight. We filled up so we were ready to go in the morning, parked, used the bathroom and slept in the camper til morning. This Pilot had a Denny’s we had planned to eat breakfast before hitting the road again. After eating, we set our next stop and got back on the road.

We got to the campground around noon, which gave us plenty of time to park and set-up before dark. After parking and leveling the camper, we hooked up to electric and sewage. Once we had that done, we turned on the AC and went to grab some lunch. Turned into linner (lunch and dinner) since it was around four when we finally went out. We grabbed some milk for breakfast in the morning then went back to camper to finish setting up.

It definitely takes some time to set-up and wipes us out. We don’t plan much for a few days after pulling in somewhere to let our bodies and minds recover from closing camper up, driving, and setting camper back up. This trip was nice since Dave was going to have a few days to relax before starting the new job. Plus we pulled in for his birthday weekend we got to celebrate in Florida!

Our spot is very nice as there is a ball field behind us with a big field to the back as you can kind of see in this pic. 20161118_133814We chose this spot, that costs a little more, for the kids to have all the space to play around. We aren’t allowed on the ball field since it’s used for softball games and they want to keep it nice but there’s plenty of space for the kids. It’s a HUGE campground that has a lot to offer too. We haven’t taken advantage of much except for the pool. It’s a heated pool that even I like to swim in! Plus they have more than one so it never feels too crowded. The town has everything you can imagine so we don’t feel like we are in the middle of nowhere like we did in Williamsport. We even found activities for the boys that I will update in another post.

We have been very happy with the location, campground and weather on this job and hope Dave can stay on this job at least until spring up north! Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night!


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