Dave’s New Addition

A couple of jobs now, Dave has been saying he was going to buy a side-by-side for work. He kept putting it off but he finally needed to get one for this job. It’s very odd that under the ground there is sand down here. Dave likes to take very good care of his stuff and was concerned the sand was going to cause damage to his truck. We dropped the boys off at my mom’s for an afternoon and went to a Honda dealership down here. He promised me it would be a quick process (45 mins quick!) cause he had paperwork already started. I should have known that it would be hours because anytime I have gone to a dealership it hasn’t been quick. And I was right! It ended up taking us at least 2 hours! Talk about frustrating but it had to get done.

He has been very happy and the boys love taking rides in it to take the garbage out when they can. Unfortunately this means that I will be hitching the trailer up to my car and pulling it to our next stop. That will be an adventure in its own self!



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