Legoland Florida

My mom LOVES Legos and has definitely gotten the boys to love them as well. I do admit Legos are pretty cool and now the boys are old enough to build the sets themselves I like them even more! Legoland was built a few years ago in Florida. I truly believe that’s why my mom chose the area she did because she only lives 15 minutes from it! She is a lifetime member so gets in free every time she goes. When we moved down here, she said she was going to buy the boys an annual pass so she could take them whenever she wanted! She ended up buying all 3 of us passes for Christmas which was very nice of her. Since November we have definitely taken advantage of the passes. We’ve been 4 times! Once with my mom before she flew back home for Christmas. Once for D.J.’s 7th birthday. A VIP experience for the release of Ninjago and again when Ninjago was opened January 12th!

It’s an awesome park for the boys. It’s small enough that we can get through the park in a day and not feel rushed. We have been lucky that every time we’ve gone it hasn’t been packed so we haven’t had to wait in long lines. The boys have gotten right back on rides that’s how unpacked it’s been. If you ever plan a trip, definitely try to come in the off seasons. I love seeing all the things they make out of Legos around the park. I swear each time I go I notice something different. There is a lot to see.

The first time we went, we had to check out the newest Legoland Hotel that was just finished. You are able to go in to the lobby and look around. I can’t imagine spending the money to stay there but it’s a neat concept that is literally right next to the park for young kids to enjoy. Inside the park they had started to decorate for Christmas with a giant Lego tree! Here are some highlights from our day.

My next Legoland post will be when we take D.J. there for his 7th birthday so stay tuned! Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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