Christmas 2016

This Christmas felt weird since we were down in Florida and the weather was beautiful. Never really feels like Christmas unless it’s cold and snowy. But we really weren’t to upset about that! The neat thing for us is that it was our first Christmas in the 5th wheel. We found a really cute small tree with a few decorations to make it feel like Christmas in the camper!

We also had one of those projector lights that changed colors to go outside on our camper. It truly felt like Christmas even though the weather didn’t!

We had been doing the Elf on the Shelf for 2 years but since he was in storage, I had to find something else for the boys this year. I happened to be scrolling Instagram when someone I follow shared a Santa package you can order that included a personal letter from Santa, a magic key, reindeer food and Santa camera. I just had to order this as a neat surprise for the boys and to help keep them on track through school and the crazy Christmas season. The camera was a great addition to our tree and a nice reminder that Santa was watching at all times!

With us living in such a small space, we didn’t have much space to hide toys so Dave and I had decided to celebrate Christmas at my parents house. Anytime I would shop, I would drop the toys off in their garage to keep them safe. On Christmas Eve we drove down and spent the night at my parents. Unfortunately we didn’t have any time to wrap presents until the boys were tucked in bed. Once they were finally sleeping, we started the long process of wrapping and getting the presents under the tree. Oh the things we do for kids sometimes to make it special for them! It really was special though to see the boys wake up and tear through the wrapping paper to see what Santa brought. We can be thankful for Dave’s amazing job to be able to provide them with lots of the things they asked for.

The day was spent mainly playing with their new toys, but they did get outside to swim in the pool and ride their bikes around the neighborhood. The night was spent eating crab and lobster alfredo pasta and watching the Steelers game.  We had a fun and relaxing Christmas down in Florida!  Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day/night.


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