Our Visitor

Our niece Ally turned 16 December 10th. We had been hoping to get to her sweet 16 party but with our move down to Florida we weren’t able to. We had decided that our present to her was going to be to fly her down for the week during her school break. She flew in Monday, the day after Christmas, and left January 2nd. Unfortunately Dave only had that Monday and Tuesday off work. He planned to take her fishing Tuesday so the boys and I went to my parents since they were flying back down as well as my brother, girlfriend and new baby for a wedding. We spent the day with them, swimming, playing baseball and more swimming.20161227_155630

The next day, I had a doctor’s appointment but promised I would take everyone to the pool in the afternoon. The kids had a great time swimming together and after, we went to get some ice cream at a local frozen yogurt shop.

I had been wanting to go to this local farm where you can pick your own fruit but hadn’t yet. Ally wanted to do something outside this day so we went there. It was a pretty neat experience even though we had no clue what we were really picking or if it was going to be any good! The kids got some fresh ice cream and I bought some homemade mango salsa that was delicious! I love finding places like this where you can shop local.


Friday we planned to take/drag Ally to Legoland! It happened to be one of the coldest days of the week and with it being the holiday weekend, it was unfortunately packed. The boys were still able to show Ally a fun time riding and playing.

Since Saturday was New Year’s Eve, we really didn’t want to go do anything at night. Plus we were going to Magic Kingdom early Sunday. I took everyone to Disney Springs for some shopping during the afternoon. Dave found that there were Giodarnni’s pizza shops down here that is the true authentic Chicago pizza. One of Dave’s groomsmen is from Chicago so we got the honor of visiting him and trying this amazing deep-dish pizza. You truly don’t know what it’s like unless you try it. Unbelievable!!! There just happened to be a restaurant right down the street from Disney Springs so we planned to pick up pizza for dinner. It was just as good as I remembered. That night we played some games, hung out, ate lots of junk and enjoyed celebrating the new year together!

We quickly went to bed after though since we wanted to be at Magic Kingdom by 10am. It was a little tough getting Dave and Ally out of bed but once we got everyone going, we were off to spend the day at Disney! Ally had never been so it was cool to get to show her that park. And surprisingly it wasn’t too packed. We think it had to do with being Sunday, either people flying home or not coming to a park after New Year’s eve! Either way it was an amazing experience and fun day.

Monday she was flying out at night and even though Dave had off, we were all pretty tired from the day before. We took it easy, ate some treats from Disney we brought home, then said good-bye for now. We had an amazing visit and hope we can do it again soon. The boys still talk about how much fun it was having her down her and want her to come back! Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day/night.


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